Saturday, October 29, 2016


Beside composing poems, I am also translating poetry from Malay to English and vice versa. More often I translated my work but there are also a few of others occasionally. The poem below is one of them.

It is a hard work but it pays off especially when my own translation into English could in turn attract other translaters who bring them to other languages . This is how my poems originally published in dual language Malay/English found their way into Spanish, Russian, French and Japanese. I am especially thankful to Malaysian Institute of Translation and Books (ITBM) for their function and hard work especially in finding publishing partners round the world. 

We should learn a lesson
From the  water garden,
from the flowers that never sink

We should  learn
from the lotus 
how the muddy stems
hold the flower above
Brilliant and lustrous,

We should all learn 
From the water lily
in the water so muddy
keeping white petals  in purity

Our path may be gloomy,
As the  river is sometimes  dirty
Let us learn from the water  plants
To uphold  our integrity.
Zurinah Hassan-Malaysia


Kita sepatutnya belajar
Dari bunga-bunga di kolam
Yang tidak pernah tenggelam.

Kita sepatutnya belajar
Dari kembang teratai
Yang berlumpur di tangkai
Namun tetap terjulang
Dalam warna cemerlang

Kita  sepatutnya belajar
Dari kuntum seroja
Yang tumbuh di kasar  selut
Dengan kelopak  putih lembut

Arus tak selalu tenteram
Sungai tak selalu jernih
Mari belajar dari bunga-bunga di kolam
Untuk mengapung dan bersih

Zurinah Hassan -Malaysia

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