Friday, October 14, 2016


HELLO THERE, I HAVE BEEN AWAY FROM THE BLOG FOR SO LONG. Now I hope to make a come back. How I wish I can keep up with my promise to write regularly here. 

Last night I attended the University Sains Malaysia Alumni Night. I attended the dinner because I was awarded the Tokoh Alumni for being Malaysia First Female national laureate. I have no pictures to go with the story. I try to get some to illustrate the blog. Anyhow for tonight I shall post a poem on the pollution of our river.

Klang River

Klang river is trapped
In garbage stacks
It has lost its track
Under the crowded shacks
The water brushing the floor
A spread on the squatter’s bed
As he lay his tired head
Until they come to shatter his dream
with a campaign to keep the city clean

By the river side
A beggar soaks his suffering
Dropping his coughs
dirt and grieve
Rolling under the bridge

Klang river
Drags on  its burden
At times throwing questions
 “ Man, did you not see yourselves
In my pollution
Did you not see your sin
In the fish that stinks”

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