Thursday, August 8, 2013

  -one woman’s opinion
Marriage is the difficulty
Of changing routine and priorities
That make you less yourself
And a woman has to be less her self
In order to be more a woman
Marriage to a woman
Is a protection
For her who dares not live
on her own identity
It is too costly and too risky

A Grandmother in Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur is too lonely for me
I long for my home in the country
The house that I built with my tears
The place where I fought against poverty
To give my children their education
Until they occupied important position
Isn’t that what I have been praying for
The prayer that sent them to the capital city
Leaving me alone and lonely

Please send me back to the village
In Kuala Lumpur I have no place
This city is moving too quickly
And I can only walk slowly
This city is for the young to live their best
Not a place for the elderly to rest
This is where you think about live
And forget about death
Burial ground is getting scarce.

Confession of a Working Mother

 I am sorry, my baby
As every morning
You put little hands around me
And I try to be free

My little one
As I sit among papers and files
Between the chores and duty
Sometimes I see your tearful eyes
Sometimes I hear you calling me
At tender age I have to make you understand
That life is not always a loving hand

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